January 26th, 2019

A man rings the doorbell at the gate of our VE Relief Distribution Center in Venezuela looking for help.  He had prescriptions in hand for antibiotics for his wife, who had a severe urinary tract infection accompanied by fever and lower back pain.  She had seen a doctor at a public hospital, but it did not have the medicines she needed on hand.

He had gone to a pharmacy, but the prescriptions cost three times the amount of his monthly salary – he simply could not afford them.  Our first three medicines sent to Venezuela as we tested the waters of how to safely get medicines into the country had arrived only a few days before and were the very medicines that his wife needed.  He was incredibly surprised and so happy to find that VE Relief was able to provide the medicines his wife needed to give her relief.

  • (Antibiotics are often not found in Venezuela, and if they are, they are very expensive, often costing a full month’s wages or more for one prescription).


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