Let’s Make a Difference

VE Relief operates solely on the donations given us by individuals, churches, and other non-profit organizations.  We accept no funds from any government or entity that has a mission other than ours, which is to feed and provide for the needs of the Venezuelan people.

Each month we look at the funds we have, purchase food and medicines in bulk quantities, pack it in boxes, and ship to our distribution center in Venezuela.  We ship food by sea and medical supplies by air.  Our food distribution arrives in approximately three weeks, and our medicine and medical supplies arrive in about five to seven days.

Our team members on the ground in Venezuela receive the supplies, break them down in usable quantities, and distribute to where the supplies and medicine is needed.  It is by word of mouth and the love of our Lord that has opened up what we call “Doors of Need”, which gives our teams on the ground more and more places to give these items.

Everything given by VE Relief is given FREE to those receiving it. Our volunteers in Venezuela that distribute the food, medicine, and supplies do not collect payment for these items.

All money given by donors is used for food, the scarcest personal hygiene items, medicine, medical supplies, and shipping. All other costs are covered by members of our Board, or through collaborative partners, such as PM Consulting Solutions, who set up this website free of charge.

As our shipments increase, we will need more and more help on the ground in Venezuela, giving away the food and medicine we provide.  At this time, the best way one can serve is to donate funds, so that our mission can continue to grow, and we can reach more and more areas in Venezuela.

How do we spend the donated funds?


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